pexels-photo.jpgHey all. So I here I am finally with something to upload. Unfortunately life, moving, tax school and children got in the way of me having this done by Friday. But I will have this finished by tonight, YAY! I only have steps 5 and 6 to finish now which I am currently doing. If anyone would like to proved any feedback it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

I have also attached some links of my company’s’ annual report and some announcements if anyone would like to have a read (can’t see anyone wanting to read about batteries, automotive wire harnesses or PA systems, but you never know).

GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018

ACCT11059 Assessment #1 Steps 2-6

Click to access GP_Industries_AR_2016-2017_full.pdf

Click to access 20180213%20BL%20redesignation%20as%20EVP%20Rule%20704%287%29.pdf

Click to access GP%20Industries%20Limited%20Press%20Release%2010_08_17.pdf



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