Okay I do not understand how ANYONE can work excel and the sums and figure out where all the figures go!! I have literally been sitting here for hours with the Entering Your Financial Statements video presentation and no matter how many times I check my data, rewind the video and repeat what she does I CANNOT get my figures to match what is in the reports. WHY?! What am I doing wrong??


I’m starting to think this mumma might be stretched too thin after all. I’m already behind in this course, I have my tax exam coming up on Thursday that I haven’t had a chance to study for yet and I just cannot get this stuff to sink in.

I am going to sit here for a while, eat some peanut butter pretzels and super trail mix and hope that if I death stare the numbers long enough I will get over this hump and everything will start making sense.

To everyone that has already done their assessment, I take my hat off to you!!!

7 thoughts on “Spreadsheet

  1. Hey Jessie

    My advice to you would be to step away from the spreadsheet, focus on something else for a while and then go back to it later. The assignment is not due until 3 April so you still have time to work on this according to the assignment stage 1: getting started.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards



  2. Hi Jessie

    I feel your pain! I struggled with the excel part as well and my figures didn’t work in some areas too. Keep on keeping on. I finally just got my draft up today and am currently about to provide feedback to some folks. Thank heavens Accounting is my second minor as I would never be able to teach all this!!! Life, kids and other subjects are just in the way lol!

    Take care



  3. Hi Jessie!

    I totally understand how stressful this all can be as that’s me right now. But keep soldiering on as this assessment will be out of your hands on tuesday so the countdown is on now…right?!
    Hopefully this will take your mind of uni work for a little while as i just wanted to let you know that you blog made my top 3 🙂
    Your blog is creative and it’s easy to see you’ve put a lot of time and effort into writing your posts.
    The first time I saw your blog I was drawn to a line of capital letters asking why is any of this even needed? I am amazed how easily you’re able to express your feelings and emotions as it seems you definely aren’t afraid of posting on social media like I am so well done!
    You should be very proud of your blog as I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of your writing 🙂 Keep up the great blogging throughout the rest of the unit as I’s love to hear your thoughts on assessment 2 as well.

    Kind regards,
    El 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! This will come as a surprise to you, but I actually struggle immensely at both writing on-line AND on expressing my thoughts and feelings. The only way it seems to work for me is if I don’t think and just write. I then go through and edit it slightly to make it more appropriate whilst trying to ensure the natural style of my writing stays.
      Receiving encouraging feedback is a great booster for confidence! 😀


  4. The first thing I noticed after viewing your restated financial statements have very huge numbers.
    your restated change in equity looks well set and you have linked your cells and included formula.
    the balance sheet was very nice. it was easy to understand.
    your income statement seemed to managed quite nicely.
    i have seen your discussion and comments with other friends in facebook.
    i see you have provided feedback to other peers blogs.


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