Last Assessment!

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I cannot believe I am about to say this…

I HAVE COMPLETED STEPS 7-9!!!!! Happy dance people!!

Now comes the fun part. Swapping feedback. I look forward to reading your feedback and I am happy to do the same for you 🙂

Please send my feedback to

Assessment 2 Step 7

GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018


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How long does it take to watch a video that is 1:22:55? The answer for me is 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours. The entire time my children were at school and then some.
I think it is more than safe to say that my brain is fried and my head hurts.  BUT, I have more or less done it! I have stumbled a bit on some of it (market ratios), and that is why I am here now. This time I am not leaving it to the last minute, nor will I stress about it. My earnings per share (EPS) according to GP Industries financial report should be 3.85 (2017), 4.70 (2016), 5.16 (2015) and 3.31 (2014). But they are not.

And this is why I am now here wondering what I have missed. So I am asking if anyone with a sharp eye and a keen mind would mind having a quick look and seeing if they can see where I went wrong?
Many, many thanks and I hope I can help some one in a similar way. 🙂
GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018
FY14-15 results



Home run

Wow, on the home run (finally)! Up to the last assessment, I was starting to think we would never get there. I do apologise to my peers for seemingly disappearing on you all. Between kids, life and other commitments, it feels as if I’ve had no time for uni.

So I am trying to fix that before my time is up. Today I sat down and completed Assess 2 Step 7. How is everyone going with their Ass #2? I thought step 7 was going to be so much more involved than what it really was. But it only took me a little while to complete, which was a relief! Maybe it was because I was spoiled for choice in my products or I didn’t have to guess the selling price.

I am now moving onto Step 8 and I am feeling lots of trepidation towards it. I have never been very good with ratios so I am thinking I will struggle with it.

Anyway, I hope you are all going well, and I look forward to reading your blogs and what you have enjoyed (or not) while working on this assessment.

Cheers 🙂

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Restatement done?

VERY, very late to the party. At this stage I’m not even sure if I’m still going to the party or if everyone has left without me. But I think (fingers crossed) that I am majority completed! So now I am turning my financial statements  over for your perusal, feedback and wisdom! Hit me with all of your insites please. And for the students who I have offered to provide feedback for, I will have them off for you this afternoon! Please feel free to send feedback to

GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018

The finish line is in sight!!!

Restatement help

Hi all,

So this is really hard for me as I struggle to ask for peoples’ help, as well as putting myself out there for constructive criticism, but hey, if it helps us grow and learn right? So here is my restatement in changes of equity. Try as I might I just don’t think it is right and I have no idea where I’ve gone wrong. So if any of you lovely people could point me in the right direction I would be ever so grateful.

GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018

If anybody can shed some wisdom, my email address is

Thank you all.


And so it has come to this.


I am struggling so badly with this restating, whenever I think I have it, it turns out I do not. I cannot get the numbers to match and I have no idea what I am doing wrong. This is what happens when you spread yourself too thin for too long.

If anyone would be able to possibly give me some guidance, it would be ever so muchly appreciated. I do not want to fail this unit.


Mojo disappeared


So with Assessment #1 done and dusted, has any one else lost their steam and study mojo?

I have just lost all motivation to continue on at the moment, instead choosing to fantasize about the holiday that I am desperate need of (in case anyone is interested it would be in the outback, surrounded by mountains on one side and open fields on the other, where I can go horse riding, finding a wonderful stream/river/body of fresh water to relax by while reading a totally non-serious novel).

With that being said, I am now going to suck it up, and while dinner is cooking and my children are running circles around me I am going to go tinker with my spreadsheet and have a gander at Assessment #2.

Hope everyone is having just as much fun on the school holidays as I am.

Assessment #1 done and dusted!



YAHOO!!!! I finally, finally, submitted my assessment today. WOW what a relief! I think it’s safe to say that the above pic was me immediately after I submitted my work. And then when I thought I’d check my emails I discovered that it was marked only a few short hours after being submitted. What a shock that was. My elation turned to fear pretty quickly. So when I opened the feedback and discovered that I actually did fairly well on it, I went right back to dancing.

Now for me it’s onto studying for my mid term tax exam this week, my children come back from their father, I need to tweak parts of my spreadsheet in anticipation of Assessment #2, oh and a bit of cyclone prepping probably wouldn’t go astray either.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend 🙂

pexels-photo.jpgHey all. So I here I am finally with something to upload. Unfortunately life, moving, tax school and children got in the way of me having this done by Friday. But I will have this finished by tonight, YAY! I only have steps 5 and 6 to finish now which I am currently doing. If anyone would like to proved any feedback it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

I have also attached some links of my company’s’ annual report and some announcements if anyone would like to have a read (can’t see anyone wanting to read about batteries, automotive wire harnesses or PA systems, but you never know).

GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018

ACCT11059 Assessment #1 Steps 2-6

Click to access GP_Industries_AR_2016-2017_full.pdf

Click to access 20180213%20BL%20redesignation%20as%20EVP%20Rule%20704%287%29.pdf

Click to access GP%20Industries%20Limited%20Press%20Release%2010_08_17.pdf




Okay I do not understand how ANYONE can work excel and the sums and figure out where all the figures go!! I have literally been sitting here for hours with the Entering Your Financial Statements video presentation and no matter how many times I check my data, rewind the video and repeat what she does I CANNOT get my figures to match what is in the reports. WHY?! What am I doing wrong??


I’m starting to think this mumma might be stretched too thin after all. I’m already behind in this course, I have my tax exam coming up on Thursday that I haven’t had a chance to study for yet and I just cannot get this stuff to sink in.

I am going to sit here for a while, eat some peanut butter pretzels and super trail mix and hope that if I death stare the numbers long enough I will get over this hump and everything will start making sense.

To everyone that has already done their assessment, I take my hat off to you!!!