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How long does it take to watch a video that is 1:22:55? The answer for me is 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours. The entire time my children were at school and then some.
I think it is more than safe to say that my brain is fried and my head hurts.  BUT, I have more or less done it! I have stumbled a bit on some of it (market ratios), and that is why I am here now. This time I am not leaving it to the last minute, nor will I stress about it. My earnings per share (EPS) according to GP Industries financial report should be 3.85 (2017), 4.70 (2016), 5.16 (2015) and 3.31 (2014). But they are not.

And this is why I am now here wondering what I have missed. So I am asking if anyone with a sharp eye and a keen mind would mind having a quick look and seeing if they can see where I went wrong?
Many, many thanks and I hope I can help some one in a similar way. 🙂
GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018
FY14-15 results



6 thoughts on “Ratios

  1. Hi Jess, With your number of shares issued, you have to reflect it in thousands just like you $ in your financials are (just put a dot before your last 3 numbers in each cell to fix this). Also, don’t forget that the earnings in the annual reports are reflected in cents, not dollars.

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