Hi all,

So this is really hard for me as I struggle to ask for peoples’ help, as well as putting myself out there for constructive criticism, but hey, if it helps us grow and learn right? So here is my restatement in changes of equity. Try as I might I just don’t think it is right and I have no idea where I’ve gone wrong. So if any of you lovely people could point me in the right direction I would be ever so grateful.

GP Industries Ltd Company Spreadsheet 2018

If anybody can shed some wisdom, my email address is jessie.polley@cqumail.com

Thank you all.

One thought on “Restatement help

  1. Hi Jessie, I will email what I did quickly, you had a few things out and I think your
    Total changes in ownership interests in subsidiaries should be left out but i could be wrong. If it is the same as Equity holders of the parents then you leave it out of your restated if that makes sense.


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