So, Chapter one was finally read today. A little (okay, a lot) later then I had originally planned, but hey better late then never right?

I have to say that I found that chapter quite painful, having to read paragraphs 1-3 times and still struggling to understand what I was reading. Is there anyone else who is feeling out of their element? With words floating around my head such as equity, revenue, proprietorship and accounting equations I am seriously doubting that I will ever make sense of anything to do with accounting.

One thing that I did thoroughly enjoy was learning about the history of the QWERTY keyboard. Never in my life did I ever think about the placement of letters on a keyboard, but if I ever go to a trivia night I will be set now! This course is definitely NOT anything like I envisioned it to be. But, as much as I am struggling right now, I know if I keep plodding along, it will get easier and before I know it, I WILL be that accountant in a dark room in front of a screen crunching numbers.

If you’re finding yourself struggling as I currently am, leave a comment and hopefully we can find a way to work through it together. Worst case scenario we can hold each other and cry until it all makes sense.

Until Chapter two…


One thought on “Second entry, Chapter one

  1. Haha! Honestly though, most entertaining blog so far!
    I’m doing good so far (but at 3rd year I should have this down by now, right??)

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